Volcano Town

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Far to the East of Nork, only Volcano Town remains of a once proud and peaceful land. Now its dark spires tower above a hot and sulfurous sea. Volcano Town is numbingly hot and dry, and adventurers, disoriented from the heat, often fall from the cliffs in into the sea. A large well in the center of town emits noxious fumes, and the constant threat of volcanic eruption has deterred many merchants from opening shops.

Such an inhospitable town has few residents and even fewer visitors, but for the bold and the brave the rewards can be great. Typically though, the inhospitable Volcano Town is favored by Thieves.


BD scales upgrade NPC is Kekig. Located in NW corner of upper VT.

Bring him the scales of a SD and a BD and he will add the Lightning prot from SD to BD.

Short Sword Questor NPC is Nanat. Located in SW corner of Upper VT. Bring him a Naga Scales, Axe of Man-bull and he'll produce a fine short sword for you.
Zap Quest NPC is Zelcia. Located in SE corner of Upper VT, along cliff edge.

Bring him a Griffy corpse he drops a Zap or two. (Maybe other pots?)

Sword Enchanter NPC is Fanel. Located south of VT lockers.

He will enchant a Silver LS to +4 (tested on Griffy Ls)

Ring Quest NPC is Sonth. Located by hole in lower VT.

Bring him a gold plated ring and Archer bow. He will create a Silver 0/2 Ring charged with Succor.