The Town of Nork

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The Town of Nork

Nork is the most hospitable town. The weather is warm and sunny, the citizens are usually friendly, and strangers can find food, lodging, and shops that will sell them most anything they need for their quests. A lucky person could find fortune and fame without ever venturing past the town limits. However, Nork is not without its dangers.

Centuries ago, the people of Nork formed an Elite Guard to protect them from the Evil the Empress had loosed. The Guard built barracks deep under the town and kept a constant watch, ready to defend the town and pursue attackers at a moment's notice. A strong and fierce crew, the Guard consisted of the most highly skilled warriors ever assembled. No one knows why the Guard turned against Nork, but soon after the establishment of the Officers' Barracks, the Guard began a ruthless attack from deep within the labyrinth below Nork, slashing their way toward the surface, leaving only destruction in their wake. Just within the reach of victory, the Guard mysteriously retreated to the dark shadows of their labyrinthine stronghold, there to remain a menacing, silent threat.

Fearing another assault, the loyal Norken forces called upon the great Mentalists of the land, skilled in psionic power, to create an unbreakable seal around the barracks and prevent the rebel forces from returning to the surface. Through the years, sojourners who travel to the dungeons beneath Nork have told stories of strange noises rising up from the sealed barracks, and some have witnessed ghostly apparitions. Many have never returned.

Map of Nork

Map of Nork.JPG

Steel Flower Tavern

The Steel Flower. Darwin welcomes you in with a hearty hello and a handshake. A nice place to rest, kick back and talk to your friends. Put your stuff away in the handy locker here. Organize hunts, spar, trade and sell items and drink lots of Stan's. The sign outside says "Absolutely NO Psionics!" Casting Fireball in here could get you killed a lot of times if there is a full house when it goes off. The Thieves' Guild occupies the east side of the building.

The Steel Flower Tavern is a common meeting point in Nork town. Vendors and your first locker can be found here.

Secret of the Thief Guild


Darwin is the proprietor of the Steel Flower Tavern. His ale's are guaranteed to rip a belch from you and he sells Stan's Pure Grain, which will leave you seeing stars.


Woden helps Darwin keep up the bar and also sells 2 potions, a 3-bird Con pot and an ale.


Luth is looking for the axe of a darkguard, a denizen of the Nork dungeons. In return, he will give you his hammer.


Harkob is a collector, hot on the trail of the goblets of the queen of darkness. If you turn in the goblets to him, he will increase the armor value of an item of your choice. This may be done multiple times, for each unique goblet you bring him.

Thief Trainer

Provides basic training for new thieves.

Shop Keeper

Sells essential dungeoneering items, such as Instant Heal potions, succor scrolls, a twig imbued with the discipline "FIREBALL" and a silver dagger (handy for those pesky critters that need to be hit with a silver weapon).


In the center of town are portals which have been erected by the Mentalists Guild. -The top right portal will take you to the 2nd alternate Nork, which is a copy of the 1st. -The bottom right portal will take you into your guild hall, if you are a guild hall subscriber. -The left side portal will take you to the Town of Maeling.

If you are in 'Alt-2' Nork, the 2nd server, there is a portal on the top left which will take you back to 'Alt-1'. There is also a portal on the bottom middle which will take you to 'Challenge Nork' if you have already created an alternate character for that area using the Challenger NPC.