Thanksgiving Event

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Event Summary

The Thanksgiving event usually runs for about 2 weeks. Check the Drakkar Forums for the official start date. Official scheduled events will always begin after the weekly reset.

It offers the following rewards:

Advance a characters luck up to Nork maximum.

Obtain a charisma amulet (+2 charisma).

An improved blunderbuss that you can actually drop. The blunderbuss appears to have adds that vary based on your level when you turn in the Bob quest.



The town center is altered during the event. The pool goes away and a tent area appears instead, where some of the event NPC's can be found.

Two NPC's can be found inside the tent, Standish and Colonel Fowler.

Becky, the third town npc can be found outside the tent, near it's southern wall.



The forest is located to the east of Nork town, on an island where the Tehruh prisons are located.



List of the NPC's active during the Thanksgiving day event.



Colonel Fowler


Colonel Fowler offers a food item which has a 300 round buff. Colonel Fowler also talks about his turkey 'Bob' who apparently has run off.



Becky offers some special bread in exchange for Corn from Sacajewa.






Becky's Bread

This food item has a few uses and provides some floating hp.


The only weapon which can hurt/kill turkeys. Regular disciplines will fail. Note that Tiers can kill turkeys.

Charisma Amulet

Provides the player wearing or holding it with +2 charisma, which can be very helpful when maxing HP or EP at the advanced docs.

Lucky Corn

Eating a piece of lucky corn gives you a random chance to permanently raise your luck by 1. You can keep eating it and eventually get your luck to either 18 or 19 with the corn. This may take hours of effort if you need many luck points. Each time you eat lucky corn, you will gain either some temp floating HP or EP. This effect does not stack.

Slice of Roast Turkey

This is a food item with 2 uses which provides a 300 round buff.

Turkey Scroll

This scroll can be won when you turn in your turkey feathers to Sacajawea instead of getting a Charisma Amulet. The scroll is in Temporal Flux and is learned by right-clicking the scroll, much as your would learn a Tier ability. The Turkey Form discipline you learn will turn you into a Turkey for a short period of time.

Turkey Fan

After you kill a turkey, if you bring it's corpse to Sam, you will receive a turkey fan. This can be traded to Sacajawea for a Charisma Amulet.

Enchanted Turkey Fan

Killing Bob the Turkey will cause several Enchanted Turkey Fan to drop, about 6. These can be traded to Colonel Fowler for an upgrade to your blunderbuss.