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Quest Name Quest Info
Goblin Lord Search N1 for a key hint

Head to the south east area till you find the locked lair door, use the key that you just found to open the door. Go inside and kill the Goblin Lord, search his corpse for a purple gem and a key. Use the key to open the other door and the gem to Pelagis as proof. What to say

You will get a ring from Pelagis, take the ring and gem to Gennetta who is somewhere in N1, once you find her talk to her to get a amulet What to say

Bring the ring and amulet to Hector in nork, drop them on his hex and talk to him What to say

Lizard King Search the town of Nork for SirHaldan, he rarely falls into n-4 and has been seen as far as the climb down spot in vt. Once you find him, ask him of his oath What to say

, He will tell you to go talk to Annalie. Annalie is randomly standing somewhere in Nork town. What to say

, she will tell you to kill the lizard king. Head to N-2

Mummy King Search n-3 for a key. Once you find the key head to the north east area of n-3 till you find a set of double doors. Use the key to open the locked set of double doors, go inside and kill the mummy king, once dead bring his corpse to the nork tanner and tan the corpse. Bring the mummy cloak to the west end of nork behind the fighter trainer, look for Wartberg. Once you find Wartberg, drop the cloak and 2k on his hex and click on him.
Silver bow Locate one of two griffon lairs in nork, enter the lair and slay the griffon. Carry his corpse to the nearest tanner, tan his corpse What to say

, Pick up newly tanned robe and bring it to Eventine and trade it for his silver bow.

Ratburrow Sash Upgrade NPC is Devew. Located behind the Nork East Bank.

Bring him a Ratburrow Sash and a queen spider eqq and he will upgrade your sash to 3/3

Bloodgroove dagger quest NPC is Mythe. Located at Smithy.

Encrust the Silver dagger with a small blood groove from SF Thief shop with a huge uncut emerald then go to Mythe and click, you gain an extra add, +3

Hammer Quest NPC is Luth. Located in one of the south rooms in the Steel Flower.

Bring him a Succor Scroll, Protstun Scroll, Respirate scroll and a darkguard axe.

He will give you a hammer +4.

HP Amulet NPC is Cunub. Located in Casino in East Nork.

Bring him a Sanquin egg & Archer bow.

He gives you a +25HP Ammy. (It is rumored to also be 2/2)

Bed Quest NPC is Nolid. Located in the Inn.

What to say

He'll give 1500 gold.

VT SD ACCESS Talk to Jerediak in N-6. hint

Tell him hello. He will give you the name of the traitor.

Find and tell Talbot the name.

He will then enchant you to be able to pass through the barrier and climb to SD.