Maeling Quests

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Quest Name Quest Info
Mummy Cloak NPC is Basae.

Located south of Maeling town, just east of the Barb trainer. Bring him the corpse of a mudsetter and he will give you a mummy cloak that is 0/1 with acidbreath protection.

BNR Upgrade NPC is Bakura. Located behind the Maeling -1 Stairs building.

Bring him a BNR, 2500 gold and a piece of finely carved jade for a upgrade to the BNR to +3 agil.

Marcus Hammer Upgrade NPC is Mingor. Located in MAeling at the VT portals.

Bring him the Marcus Hammer and the corpse of a kinzo and 25,000 gold.

Hammer becomes +4 good aligned with level 9 lightning.

Yellow Robe Upgrade NPC is Dulain. Located in SW corner of Maeling Outer Wall.

Bring him a Yellow Robe and a Lair Diamond. Upgrades Robe to 1/1 plus the Fire/Ice Prot.

Katsumo Gauntlet Upgrade NPC is Olarth. Location Center North of Maeling Outer Wall.

My MA is in Mjorin so will test later.

Mino Axe Conversion NPC is Lotu. Located in NW corner of Maeling forest.

Bring him a mino axe and he will convert it to g/g.

Bisento Upgrade NPC is Balaba. Located just south of the Fighter Trainer.

Bring him an Ogrelord Bisento and 10k coins. Upgrade Bisento to +6