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==String Tiers==

To string tiers together for a specific target, first you must select *Macros* from the drop down menu. Tier3.png

Then Select *Set Macro*. Tier5.png

Then select *New*. Tier6.png

Then you change the name to whatever you would like it to be. We will edit the command line later. Enter whatever key you want to use. Check the *alt*, *cntrl*, or *shift* boxes or any combo to be pressed with your keyboard key that you want. Check the *autoreturn* box and then *ok*. Then log out of the game(It is fine to have lobby open but you must be logged off your crit)Tier4.png

(Warning, editing the file can cause problems if done wrong) (I suggest that you make a backup of the file first) Then find your crts folder on your hardrive and select the .mac file for the character that you want to edit. Right click it and select open with notepad (Not microsoft word) to open it. Tier1.png

This is the final step. After opening your .mac file, scroll down till you find your macro that you just made. You now want to edit the line *command=*. Here you will enter the tiers(commands) that you want to string. They all must be separated by ^D and all must have a target name. After you are done with this, you save the file. You should now be able to log into the game on your crit and the macro should now work. Tier2.png

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