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A few words on why I made his site:


I used to play Kingdom of Drakkar back when it first came out and they charged $4 an hour to play, if you can believe that. It was not uncommon for a monthly bill to be $100-$300. I played for about a year and then went on to many other games, but never forgot about my times spent in KOD.

I never got very high with my Martial Artist and never visited Aleria or other lands. So now that I'm back playing semi-regularly with a Mentalist, I needed to organize all the information for myself. So please don't assume I know very much about KOD.

I ended up searching many dead links for information on KOD and decided to make a web page with all the information I could find to preserve this information for the KOD community.

Many, Many thanks to all the Referenced Fan site links for all this valuable information.

If you find any mistakes or would like to add anything to my KOD web site, please feel free to email me --> Tantheus