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I just got back from Las Vegas and had a great time. I'm still updating dead links and adding any content sent in to me, so please feel free to email me with any new updates.


Updated the Cobrahn Shields Information page. Thanks goes to Jerry for taking the time to point out I had the column headings wrong.

I hope everyone is doing great. I just got engaged on the 12th of Feb and I'll get married sometime next year.


Updated the Races Information page. Thanks goes to Hellbeard for the information on Outcasts being able to roll 19 in Strength as well.

Happy Holidays ...:)


Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but I have not been able to play in awhile. I work about 80 hours or more a week between my main computer job and a home repair business I started 2 years ago. My home repair business is going great, but it takes up so much of my time. My son is now 10 years old and all of his friends play Everquest 2, so I had to buy that for him and drive to Georgia to install it. My kids live with my ex-wife and my son wanted to play Everquest 2 with me. I don't have much spare time between both jobs, my girlfriend, and my kids. So until further notice I won't be playing Drakkar. I will however still fix any mistakes on my Drakkar site or add updates that are emailed to me.

Spcial thanks goes to Kristi, who pointed out I was missing the 3rd reward item on the Alerian G/G quest page.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I wish you Happy Hunting !!


Just got back from the small town of Sinton, Texas with my girlfriend and had a great time visiting with her brother Rick, whom I've never met. We played a little golf, but it has been about 12 years since I played last. I sucked, but had fun driving the golf cart and drinking beer. I'll have a chance to play Drakkar this weekend while I'm at work and hopefully get a couple of skill levels and cash to buy EP pots. I'm frustrated with getting stunned all the time because I'm still experience level 1.



If your Constitution is below 18 and you die from a monster or getting Dexed ( killed by a player crit ), there is a chance of loosing permanent hit points if your not in N-1 through N-6 or comparable places?

Posted by Elessar in the forums:
...Excerpts from "The Norken Times" - 32nd of Whitening, 3261

Some creatures in some very dangerous parts of the dungeon have acquired the ability to seriously damage the corpse of a slain adventurer. This will result in the occassional loss of health points for those slain by these creatures. However, the adventurer who maintains his constitution will not notice this affect at all. Those who allow their constitution to drop to critical levels will seem to experience this health point loss all the time. It is theorized that the chance to lose health upon death to large creatures increases as an adventurer's constitution drops below 17. Adventurers who confine themselves to the upper levels of the Nork dungeon, level 6 and above, and comparable places, have not noticed any of the health point damage, in any case.


Thanks goes out to Ortiz for giving me some int, wiz and major con pots for my reroll. I ended up after 4 hours of rolling getting 18 int, 18, cha, 18 luck, 18 wisdom, 13 str, 13 con and 12 agil. After using all potions I have 19 in int and wiz and all 18's in everything else. Worked my way up to 6 ment skill and 6 staff skill.


Thanks goes out to Beaticles for telling me about KAXX in the Funhouse WILL strip your crit if you die in his room. If your gear lands on special hexes it will be lost forever. I was about to go there and see how hard he is to hit. OUCH !!


Many thanks goes to Ortiz and Watcher for helping me get a new Baskie shield today. I tried to enchant my old one and it blew up because I wasn't skilled enough to enchant +4. Ortiz also helped me get two pairs of Dancer Boots. I finally got an Ivory arrow from the secret area of N-5 today. The arrow is for trading to the dog in the funhouse. I have around 45 yellows and now I'm saving cash for EP pots.


Added a link in the Guides Section about Healer Skill bonus as it pertains to damage. This was posted by Elessar in the KOD forums. You can find it HERE


Added a link in the Cobrahn section about information for stacking PSI cutter gear in Cobrahn HERE

Added Fan Site Link to ASH Guild

Added Fan Site link to Lan_ICE Guild page He has some good information on gearing up for lair hunts.

Joesy001 has posted this on the KOD Forums "Added a new Lair/Quest info section to my site. I am adding things to it as I remember them. But also if you wish to add anything, feel free .. the idea is to have a up to date database where any wrong info can be corrected easily. If you want to check it out and add something if you like. Goto HERE

I see my site is "SITE OF THE MONTH" for KOD, but I can only take credit for organizing the information from some very generous people who care a lot about Kingdom of Drakkar. Without their help and approval, my site would be very empty. Thanks Seville, Shar, Ztinktoof_KAM, Jinx_ASH, ZAND Guild, ZOE Guild, Alyx and Morgar's Site, Jerbear's Conversion Page, Flisk's Site, EDGE Guild, Tsarn's Page, and everyone else who emailed me with suggestions to make my site better. I will continue your efforts by adding my own original content as I learn more about KOD.

I'm in your debt


I'm still a struggling 16/13 Mentalist trying to find Yellows and EP pots for my reroll. I currently have around 23 yellows and no EP pots, but I'll save the cash to buy those at the fun house. I can't wait for next skill level and get Absorption and Energyspear. Combining Energyshield with Absorption will give me poison immunity. and hopefully Energyspear will allow me to kill Stunners without using an AOE spell.

I'm going to continue my mapping soon and I'll map N-1 next.

I've been working a lot lately... I'm a network engineer for a large company and I also paint houses on the side. So this leaves me only a little time to play, but starting in May I'll have more time to continue my mapping. I'll add new content shortly.

Thanks for visiting.

Finished making a Listing for Helpful Vendor sold Items such as Succor Scolls, Infravision items, Cure Poison and Blindness pots, Respirate items, Protection from Stun and Assault items, healing and attributes increase pots.

Special thanks to Jimmy C. for sending me information about Fireball Twigs, Thief Traps, Grenades and Lockpick Keys.

* Updates 3/18/2004 --- Added NEW maps using the new Front End for Nork Town, Steel Flower Inn, Funhouse stairs and Nork Portals.

* Updates 3/17/2004 --- Added the Front End switch program link and corrected various pages.

* Updates 3/16/2004 ---Added Alerian Rares and Cobrahn Healer beginner Gear information links

* Updates 3/15/2004 ---Added KAM Guild link

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Date: 2/27/2004

Most information gathered on this site was taken from the Referenced Fan site links and Drakkar forums. I wanted to create a one stop web site for Kingdom of Drakkar information. I found many dead links when researching information on Kingdom of Drakkar and I wanted to preserve the information I found before another site went offline.
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