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Welcome to the STORM Guild
Storm is founded on a love of the game and the friendships built in this online community we all love so much. The guilds original founders had an idea for a guild based solely on friendship and the need to have fun while we play. The guild 's original founders were all fast friends and sometimes a little braver then they should have been for their size. No matter it was the love of the hunt. (We won't mention the nasty eats or DP recovery's that took several hours if not more to retrieve).
Here we are a year later a little wiser and a little less foolish to charge blindly into god Knows what.
We still love the hunt and have found many friends to share our goals and dreams. Some have left and we wish them the best in all their pursuits and some no longer play but they are still with us in our hearts and minds. Those of us still here are much better for having known them and shared in their adventures as well as in our own.
We try to help as many as we can with the resources we have I would expect each and every member to remember what it was like to be small standing in the SF in awe of the players that are now legends or even close to it. We all started at the bottom and we had help getting where we are now. With a little luck and alot of hard work here we sit today.
I hope this site will be informative and helpful to all those that view it. I am not a web-designer or even proclaim to know what I am doing but I will try my best.
From all of us in the STORM guild we wish you many victories and much success. Happy Hunting to all.

Guild leader

* A small note here i am currently rebuilding this web-site. I was absent for some time with alot of Real life things Going on. We have grown quite a bit and it is far over due for a major over haul on this Web-site. Thanks for your patience while i rebuild it.