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Stuff to Know About Drakkar
In the world of Drakkar it is imparitive not to PK. for those of you who dont know what PK means. It means killing a player without their permission, or Player Killing for short. This is strictly FORBIDDEN in the game. If you are caught PKing you will have your account locked for a minimum of 24 hours on the first account. This game is very friendly towards all player with the exception of the busy and unwilling players. If you need something ask once but don't repeat after you get your answer. Try not to beg. People find it offensive. If you need (not want)
Also on a lighter note try to keep a set of gear for all of your crits so you dont have to do gear transfers. Leaving your gear on the ground somewhere may not always be avoidable but try to find a friend to hold your gear for the transfer if you have to transfer.
Before you go after a new area try to get a party together so you can take on the challange of the new area with less difficulty.
something you can add me to your firends list. My DZ name is Rockslide and I will try my best to get you what you need. Please do not ask me for outragious gear.