BanditLord Hunt
Sassy Hunt
Dying on Ud-5
Lori killing Hawk in 1 shot
Son of Graagh hunt
Myth Banditlord Hunt
Hawk Hurting Smasher
Hawk playing around in Ml
Hawk in hally giants lair
Hawk playing around in Ml 2
Hawk beating on Grraaagh
Grraaagh on the brink of death
Hawk in Nl keep
Hawk in Nl keep 2
Roar Snowbeast hunt
Snowbeast dead
Evilfear Killing Firegiant
Evilfear Showing Mama what roar is about!
Hawk visiting mama naga
Evilfear watching hawk swing a non-silver hally
Evilfear and the king of frore
Evilfear explores nl, what? a zombie!?
Hawk visits the cloud giant
Hawk + Guardian =
I didn't die if thats what you thought :)
Give me that coffin!
No rest for the wicked, eh grey sailor?
How many stars have you counted?
Seahag joins in
Evil pays tribute to the king
Evil Finds zombies!
At bren's age, he likes to SEE the lair. ;)
Evil Laying dead watching the reggie fight
Hawk fighting Sonofgraaagh
Reggie hitting hard after he killed evil
As evil watches... The fight continues.
A charmed Hawk, is a HAPPY Hawk!
Hit me I heal, yeah yeah yeah...
Hawk in Keep-1
Sassy's time's a commin'
Sassy dies
Hello Kaldor
One of sogs harder hits (from this hunt)
Flint visiting FoodGuardian
Flint killing Researcher
Flint saying hello to medusa
Hawks dies to Giantking
Hawk checking how he died
Hawk tries to solo Lich
Blobs trying to get hawk naked
Roar lori hunt
Bren finishes Automoton
Roar vanidor hunt
Vanidor hunt killshot
Albron hunt
Hawk solo'es vani
Evils take on vani hunt
Roar vani hunt by evil