In order to adequately debug the quirks system without causing undo headaches during the process, the quirks system will be "tested" by access through the guild hall. This will reduce the number of rollback issues faced if a quirk is too powerful.

After a two or three week test period, quirks will be made available to gold and silver plan customers, with gold customers gaining some monthly quirk bonus.

Finally, a very limited subset of quirks (perhaps a maximum number of total quirk points spent) will be available to free players as an enticement for them to become paying customers.

Implementation Issues
If a quirk is discovered to be too powerful and needs to be removed ( or scaled back ), customers will be allowed to recover their expended quirks. At this point they can chose to rebuy the ability or put the quirks into other areas.

Initially, a maximum of 50 "unused" quirks will be allowed, to prevent hording and expenditure on new abilities as they get added.
The next logical step is a "Primal" quirk idification available only to characters who have reached a primal stage. By this point players should be able to add more to the creative process, as they will have experienced the existing system and developed likes/dislikes regarding quirks and quirk effects.