Dion Bottle Messages & Possible locations map
Not all are here, if you know some that are not here, contact us so we can add it.
Message Effect
You feel like a great light has penetrated the recesses of your mind! +Paid training
You feel invigorated! +Temp hp
A boost of 3 times your normal hp
A large ball of energy forms near your chest! Absorb disc is casted on player
You feel like someone is watching over you! Aid Disc casted on player
A shimmering Aura Envelopes your body! Strength disc casted on player
You wonder if you are pressing your luck! Nothing changed
Nothing happens! Nothing changed
Something horrible just happened! -1 to -3 from a random stat
Something very bad just happened! -1 to -3 from a random stat
You feel awash in good feeling! ?
You feel pretty! +1 charisma
? +2 charisma
A Whirlwind seems to swoop out of your ear! +1 intelligence
A brilliant light pierces your brain! +2 intelligence
You almost drop your guard, But you Recover! +1 agility
Your hands tremble for a moment! +2 agility
You feel like your will is stronger! +1 will
A serge of energy seems to flow through your mind! +1 will
You feel more sure of yourself! +2 will
You feel awash in good feeling! +1 con
Your body surges with vitality! +2 con
A powerful force seems to surge through your body! +1 strength
Your muscles bulge momentarily! +2 strength
You think you hear owls hooting! +1 wisdom
Your eyes are as wide as saucers! +2 wisdom
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