1. Rules as set forth by DZ as well as PHNX conduct rules must be followed.
2. Members must attend one meeting or hunt per month
3. Members will show respect to each other and other players
4. Any and all disputes between members or involving members of other
guilds will be handled PRIVATELY
5. New Members requirements and procedure's
6. If a member rerolls or FATES their main crit without guild knowledge and or permission it is the
member's responsibility to replace losses incurred and said member may be
suspended from guild membership until they have reached minimum membership
requirements again.
7. A member may have as many "minor" crits tagged with PHNX as they wish.
8. A meeting will be conducted every week on Sunday eveningsand Tuesday Afternoons which is open
to members applicants and the public.
9. Dues
10. Keep the Database and huntmasters updated on your level/skills armor needs
11. Hunting Guidelines/Rules
12. Buying and Selling
13. Multiple account owners and letting others play on Guild tagged Crits...
14. Tagging with multiple Guilds will not be permitted unless....

  1. Rules as set forth by DZ and PHNX conduct rules must be followed
      a. No PKing (player killing) without extreme provocation.
      b. No begging from anyone
      c. No stealing from players (this includes thief class crits)
      d. No Foul language in public areas of Drakkar

  2. Members must attend at least one meeting or hunt per month
      Unless they notify guild leaders that they will be absent for an extended period of time
      members must attend at LEAST one guild function per month. This includes meetings
      or hunts that are set up by the guild. If a member fails to attend and does NOT notify
      the leaders their membership may be suspended.

  3. Members will show respect to each other and other players
      Respect will ALWAYS be shown to fellow guild members. Members will always show
      other players the respect they deserve regardless of guild association (if any).

  4. Any disputes between members or involving members of other guilds will be held PRIVATELY
      Disputes between members will ALWAYS be private. There will be no public "bickering"
      between members tolerated. If requested by one or both party's involved a guild
      leader will help resolve any such disputes (when they involve game play).
      Disputes involving members of PHNX and members of other guilds will also be
      handled PRIVATELY, and if necessary a guild leader will contact the other party
      involved and or their guild leader to help resolve it.

  5. New Member Qualifications
      A) Prospective members must be ASKED by a current member to join (those that "beg"
      to be invited to join will be disqualified from membership).
      B) A minimum of level 18 and primary skill 15 is required for ALL prospective members.
      C) A member may have only ONE sponsored applicant at a time.
      D)There is a limit of 3 active applications at a time.
      F) Prospective members which meet the requirements of PHNX will be "pledged" until such
      time as their social and hunting skill's have been assessed and they are either
      accepted into full membership or denied. Or they reach the 2 month experation.
      G) The order prospective members will be considered in will be dependant upon the applicants
      knowledge of game and guild members (i.e. their 'vote readyness".
  6. If a member rerolls or Fates their MAIN crit without Guild knowledge and or permission it is that
members responsibility to replace any losses incurred by their crit from the
reroll and they may be suspended until they have reached minimum guild
      This does NOT mean you can not reroll! We only ask that you notify us that you are
      planning such a reroll and if you wish GUILD help rebuilding that you give us time to
      prepare before the reroll and follow our Reroll guidelines. (honest people you will
      have a better crit in the end if you do!)

  7. A member may have as many "minor" crits tagged with PHNX as they wish.
      There are many reasons for having "minor" crits tagged. It is a good safety measure
      (tagged crits are less likely to be the object of pk or thieveryattempts), it is a good
      way to enable the guild to grow without expending unnecessary guild resources,
      and it is a good way for PHNX to get to know other smaller players as well as give
      them the opportunity to know us. ( remember today's newbie may be tomorrows
      new PHNX).The use of guild resources to help 'minor crits' will be dependant on guild resources avalible.
      And subject to executive or guild vote to determine its necessity
      All Crits minor and main MUST be added to the phnx database if they are tagged. (no exceptions)

  8. A meeting will be conducted every week on Sunday and Tuesday that all
members and prospective members are invited to.
      (meeting times are Sunday 2pm PST and Tuesday 12pm PST)
      ALL those attending meetings are expected to use "proper meeting etiquette" (if your
      unsure what that means please ask a guild leader or another member). Any disruptive
      behavior during meetings will result in theperson being asked to leave the meeting.
      Prospective members may have their application reviewed, repeated offences by members
      may result in their membership being suspended.(keep the meetings short and sweet people,
      we all would rather be hunting! ) Any member who has an issue or problem then would
      like discussed at a guild meeting needs to notify a leader at LEAST 2 days in advance of
      the meeting and it will be addressed. A special or emergency meeting can be called by
      any guild member by notifying a guild leader of the reason.The guild leader (if they deem a
      special meeting is necessary) will call the meeting to order within 48hours of
      such a request.

  9. Dues
      There are no Dues enforced in PHNX. Each member is on their honor to contribute "some"
      of their weekly coin. It is hoped that any stat pots/rings that members find
      and do NOT need for their own crits will be donated to the guild or at least that they will
      give the guild or a guild member first option to BUY them. (if everyone chips in a
      little bit the load will be lighter for all of us and leave us more time to enjoy the game).

  10. Keep the leaders updated on your level/ skill / armor needs
      Update site data base on a periodic basis of level / skill advances on all crits you have tagged.
      Also update site and notify leaders of any armor Needs you have. (please list in order of NEED
      main crits will always have priority when choosing the hunts for gear). Keep it
      reasonable, remember this should be a need list not a wish list.

  11. Hunting Guidelines/Rules
      A) Party name on guild hunts will always be PHNX. (PHNX1 , PHNX2 etc if multiple hunts
      are planned at once). If you node during a guild hunt make sure you REJOIN the party
      immediately when you return.
      B) The "item" from the hunt (armor etc) will be decided in advance of the hunt and the
      participating members will be notified who it is going to.
      C) All proceeds from a guild hunt will be designated as "guild property". This includes coin,
      gems, stat pots/rings that are collected during the hunt. Items such as helms ,
      combat rings , etc that tie and are random drops in the area being hunted and NOT
      the object of the hunt are up for "grabs" although it is hoped that if you do not need
      the item you leave it lie and ask a guild member if it's needed.
      D) The "hunt leader" will be designated before or at the start of the hunt. They will be
      responsible for explaining the hunt, making sure all participants are properly
      armored for the hunt and collecting the proceeds of the hunt for the guild.
      E) Members will be notified in advance of planned guild hunts and what armor etc is
      required. If they wish to participate in the hunts they are expected to show at the
      meeting spot (on time) properly prepared. If an item is needed for a hunt that they do
      NOT have they should notify a guild leader at least 24 hours before the hunt so it can
      hopefully be obtain
      F ) Members participating in Major hunts that are Non_Guild are expected to ask any currently
      on line members to help out on the hunt. If no one is available to help, or it is deemed
      that the hunt is badly planned or inadvisalbe, and the member participates anyway.
      They do so at their own risk and the guild will not put other members at risk for DP retrieval's.
      G) All participants on guild hunts members and guests are expected to listen to the designated
      Huntmaster. If everyone follows gear requirements and specific guidelines for the hunt it will
      go MUCH smoother.

  12. Buying/Selling
      Members are not to sell gear EVER. If a member feels the need to buy gear..
      this is to be done privatly, on icq , not publically in the middle of the sf or other area's.
      Members certinally may buy pots in public as that is where most are sold....
      but keep it dignified people .. dont bicker over prices.. pay fair value and never bid
      against a fellow guild member. If a member sells a pot, it is requested that they give the guild
      or other members first chance to buy, if not sold ... announce the pot is for sale ,
      give fair market value for the price, do NOT over charge and do not open the sale to a bidding war.
      State price and take first one to speak up please.

  13. Multiple Account users and letting others use Guild tagged crits.
      A)It's understood that to consolidate account payments multiple people at times wish to share
      accounts. This is acceptable by the guild as long as the person you are sharing account with is
      trustworthy. It is understood that that account is shared and the two agree to stay off
      the other persons crits
      B) PHNX understand that there are some times and circumstances where you may wish to give another
      person access to your crit. This is a 'grey' area , and at the moment permission for it is decided on
      a case by case basis, dependant on the need and the person you wish to use your guild crit.
      C) Each member is completley responsible for guarding access to their crits, and must agree to accept
      guild and DZ responsiblity for actions of any person or persons they allow access to it.

  14. Multiple Guild Tags
      A member who wishes to be tagged with another guild Concurrently while wearing a PHNX tag may
      do so ONLY with 100% of active guild members votes AND exectutive approval.

  15. ____