Do's & Don'ts
By Eejit MOY  &  Eowyn
So you are new to the Kingdom. Well, a few surprises await you. Some nice, some not so nice. Gathered below are some do's and don't's which hopefully will make your stay in the Kingdom an enjoyable one.
The Do's
Stick to Nork-3 till you are skill level 3. Visit the Healer across from the Portal and have him recall you in case you die by purchasing a twig from the sentinel by the door. If you are hunting and someone dies, do be kind and take them to the healer's. Simply locate their body by using the Look macro, (not the search macro, that would strip them and make them very unhappy) put them in a free hand, tote them to the healer's and drop them at the healer's feet. This will revive the character without them losing vital statistics. Buy healing potion before venturing down into the dungeons. This will save your life and prolong the amount of time you can be down there thus allowing more time to make more coin. Buy the bottle in the middle of the shelf from the alchemist west of the Last Chance, it restores roughly 80 hits. When venturing into new areas, do it slowly and preferably with company. Pay the trainer as much as he will accept whenever possible. Skill increases more quickly when the trainer is paid ahead. Remember you are not the only person playing the game so you should be polite when you are asking questions or for help from other players. The game is a very social one and characters benefit greatly from each other. The best way to get help is to give it. It is very helpful to download ICQ, a free communication tool accessible at  Many players have it and it allows communication with others not in the same location in the game. This means that help can be called when nobody is around.
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The Don'ts
Above all else, Never beg for coin or gear. Not only is it very distasteful,but it is a reflection on one's character which is key when attempting to join a guild. Don't assume you are the only person playing the game, be patient if you need help. Not everyone can drop everything they are doing all the time. Don't use foul or abusive language (not necessarily swearing). Don't hunt or try to tag along with groups that are higher level than you, stick to 2 or 3 levels either way. Don't buy pots from people without having them sensed! THIS IS A BIG DON'T! Don't drink from bottle that are open. (some people find it funny to leave pots of fate water lying around, drinking these can seriously screw up your crit's stats.) If you find any open or empty bottles, BREAK THEM. Don't experiment with lots of weapons. Pick a weapon and skill in it till at least skill 10 - 12. Don't pick up deathpiles. You may think you are helping but if you don't know who it belongs to, leave it. Don't wander into areas where other players are skilling or coining, without first asking if they mind you being there. Don't be tempted to soloing Lair crits. You will get eaten eventually. (Plenty of time for that when you get bigger) Don't steal from other players. Its not nice and if you are caught, your days will be no fun, of that I can assure you. If you are a Barbarian, don't zerk in places like Nork -1. You will kill some poor guy! Don't grab up all the gems and treasure when you are in a party. Its share and share alike. Don't stack commands. Wait till the round timer is green before you execute another command. Don't spend all your time socializing. Sure, its good to talk but remember, getting coin, gaining skill and experience is important as well. Don't take smaller crits into areas you know where they don't stand a chance, unless your are prepared to be running to the healer's every two minutes. Don't use area effects spells like Fireball unless you are sure there are no other crits around.
DrakDude says thats a NO NO!
Telletran says Play Nice and Play Fair or Else I will come for your Blood.