BORED Guild Requirements for joining.
BORED members are required at all times to be honorable. No exceptions.
To join the BORED, you must:

1) Be of moral character. Troublemakers not welcome. We want to play not fight with each other or others. To ensure this, you will need a sponsor. Even Seville is eligible to sponsor!

2) Have at least one crit at 18th Level or above to ensure Cobrahn status. Minimal Cobrahn gear also required.

3) Have to pass Mirc communication interview. We need to talk to see if we like you. From stranger to friend :)

4) Have to hunt well in a party or in pairs. We are looking for quality players too.

5) Have to endure a probation period of 1 month. This is to ensure us and the recruit that they are happy.

6) Survive the consensus vote of the committee.   2 NO votes will disqualify you.

7) Tagging the recruit crits will only happen if everything is in order.
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As one of the oldest guilds in the Drakkar, we believe that it is our duty to uphold the way of fair play and justice. To ensure and protect those who would not be given a chance to become a true part of the Drakkarian community. To this end, we are committed to Honor, Justice, Equality, Friendship and just to have a good time.
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Or Else!
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