Quests 1
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Poison Bow. Find an Ivory Arrow on N -5 in the Haunted Area. Trade Arrow for key to Roc Lair. Open the Lair and kill the Roc. Take the Roc Egg from the kill and take it to the Poison Bow Trader in northeast corner of N -5.
RatBurrow Sash. Go to RatBurrow on N -3.5. Talk to Mungho. Mun,rat.  Kill a rat and give it to him. He sends you to Dagano the Mayor. Tell Dag, mission. Dagano tells you to bring back 4 items. The egg of the Spider Queen, the egg of a Sanquin, the axe of a Dark Guard and the axe of the Minotaur. Drop items on Dagano. Tell him: dag, heathen   dag, spider  dag, sanquin  dag, bull. He gives the RatBurrow Sash to you.
+4 Halberd. Kill a Minotuar in the KM dungeons. Take Axe to Prisons -2 and trade for the +4 Halberd.
Just because you can see the way to somewhere, doesn't mean you will survive the trip.
Full Plate. Kill Leviathon and takes its Egg. The Egg will be tied to you. Take the Egg to Malcom East of Frore. Trade the Egg for the Full Plate.
Muzi. Get 2 Silver Bows from Fisheries and Door Pearl from N -3.5 Ghost. Get key by trading a flawless black pearl in M -2. Go to Peewee in KM -2 and hold pearl in hand. Hit talk 5 times, then put pearl away. Drop Bow and say Peewee, trade. Repeat again. Peewee gives the Muzi to you.
Betty. Go to Betty's father in Frore. Get the Doll from him and go west to Frore Mino/Vampire building. Blow wall/ Door into west wall of large room. Hold Doll in hand. Lead Betty back to her father to get atoned and random treasure.
Naga. Go to the Prisons and find a Figurine. Go down to Prisons -3 and go west through passage. Hold Figurine in hand and enter the lair. Kill Naga and then tan to receive Naga Scale armor.
Mausoleum Quest