The Helms
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Resprirate Helm. Move normally on water. Breaks for 22k XP.
Power Helm. +4 Offense. Halves Psi damage, good aligned and combat stun protection. Trade Chipuda staff for it in Power Gear House.
Ogre Helm.
E/E Helm. Infravision in a 3 X 3 area. -1 Luck. Trade Duke Shield for it.
Featherfall Helm. No damage from falling. Good aligned, Level 15, +1 Willpower and dances when stunned.
Snow Beast Skull Helm. Evil aligned. Psi-cutter.
Combat Helm. +2 Offense. Glowing.
N/N Helm. +2 Agility.
Kabuto. Found in Maeling dungeons. Some are HP helms.
HP Helm. Adds 20 to 40 HP. Combat Stun Protection. Found on Yeti Island, the Boat House and N -4.
HP Helm. 41 to 60 HP. Found on KM -5. No combat stun protection. Some add EP.
Duke Helm.
Normal Helm. No special powers.
Reaspirate Helm. No movement losss on water. Found in Aleria.
Infravision Helm. Trade Black Pearl for it. Breaks for 40k+ XP.
Nin Helm. On contact AS. Psi cutter.
Combat Helm. +5 Offense.
Cowboy Hat.
Snowman's Tophat. Winter Event item.
Pilgrim Hat. +4. Thanksgiving Event Item. Trade previous years' Charisma Amulet (aka Indian Beads) to Becky for it. Similar to Power Helm but without the Stun Protection. Poor man's PHelm.
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