The Bracers
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Enmiss Bracers. 50 Pts protection. Bought in Tree House for 77k GP.
Nork Protection From Fire Bracers. 25 Pts Protection. Found all over.
Cob Protection From Fire Bracers. Found in Cobrahn Swamp.
Fire Lizard Bracers. 0/2 Offense/Defense. -5 HP
Alerian Protection From Lightning. 25 Pts Protection.
EP Regen Bracers. Adds 15 EP. FM and Mentalist only. Random Alerian treasure. Tied.
Protection From Lightning. 25 Pts protection.
Protection From Acid. 25 Pts protection. Breaks for 500+ XP.
Gold Bracers. No adds.
Gold Bracers. Imbued by high level Mentalist with various Disciplines.
Gold Bracers. Ties. Has Protection from PsiCrush.
Cob Black Bracers. +1 or +2 when found in Timmy -1.
Shackles. Get from the prisoner by Kaldor and trade for +100 HP in Tree Town.
See the Amazing Psionic Barb!
Bracers for the Psionic Barb!
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