The Bows
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Seldari Longbow. Breaks for 6900+ XP.
Dart. No special powers. Found on Darkdwellers in Thumperville. Breaks for 250+ XP.
Dart. +2 Offense. Glowing and Level 10 Lightning. Found at Frore shop.
Turkey Gun. Given out at Thankgiving Event by Mr. Standish. Classified as Crossbow.
Poofs if dropped. Seville's Gun is enchanted to +3.
Wooden Shortbow. No special powers.
Wooden Shortbow. +1 Offense. Found on Trolls in Thumperville. Breaks for 300+ XP.
Wooden Longbow. No special powers. Found everywhere.
Wooden Longbow. +1 Offense. Found in Yeti Caves.
Wooden Crossbow. No special powers. Found everywhere.
Evil Nork Wooden Crossbow.  +6 Offense and neutral aligned.
Wooden Crossbow. +1 Offense. Found in Yeti Cave.
Wooden Crossbow. +2 Offense and glowing. Found on Mummy King on N -3. Can also be found in Aleria. Breaks for 300+ XP.
Poison Shortbow. +3 Offense, neutral aligned, glowing and Poison Level 5. Trade Roc egg for it on N -5 Haunted Area.
Breaks for 21k+ XP.
Silver Longbow +3 Offense. Trade Griffon feathers for it at Smithy.
Silver Longbow +4 Offense. Found in Fisheries on Archers. Trade 2 for Muzi.
Silver Longbow +6 Offense and Proning. Found on Km -4.
Silver Longbow +6 Offense, glowing and Proning. Found on KM -5.
EnergySpear Longbow. +3 Offense. On-Contact Level 15 EnergySpear.
Prones and EnergySpear on excellent hits. Appraises for 1250 GP. Breaks for 5200+ XP.
+6 if found off of archers in Giant Keep.
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CC Bow.
CC Bow.