The Boots
No owies from falling down!
Normal Leather Boots. Found everywhere.
Kaldor Boots. +25 EP. Breaks for 5K+ XP.  +1 Defense.
Succor Boots. Found in Aleria. Used like Succor scroll/twig.
Breaks for 1000+ XP.
Ice Protection Boots. 50 points. Breaks for 3700+ XP. Cobrahn HP Doc Quest item.
Mountaineering Boots. +2 combat and allows easy climbing up the cliffs to Nork Cloud Giant. Breaks for 2500+ XP.
Moon Boots. Random find in Cobrahn. Psi Cutter. Appraises for 5500 GP.
Martial Artist Sandals. +1 Movement. Protection from Stun. 4/0 Offense/Defense. Found in Aleria. MA only item.
Featherfall Boots. No damage from falling or jumping off cliffs.
Haste Boots. Doubles Move Rate. Needed for FireLizard quest. Kill and tan Hippogriffon. Mama Red Dragon drops Haste Boots that do not tie.
Elephant Boots. 3/3 Offense/Defense. Won't lose rounds due to being knocked down. Found on KM -5.
Jasper Boots. Quest item. +4 Defense.
Dancer Boots. 3/3 Offense/Defense. Moves you around randomly when stunned. Trade wooden bolt for them on N -7 after getting key to open door. Breaks for 100+ XP. Must be at least level 15 to trade for Dancers.
Do a jig!
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Protection from Fire Boots. Protection from Fire. 50 points.
Respirate Boots. Allows normal movement on water. Breaks for 10K+ XP.
Sit down and take a load off!
Have a place to sit down while you change your boots!
Abner Boots. +4 Defense. Quest item. Kill Cob Silver Dragon and trade for these in Tree Town.
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Undead City Skull Boots. Adds vary depending on what level they were found on. Max 0/5 found on Undead City -5.