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You wouldn't like me when I am angry! Aaaaeeeeeeeyaaaaaaahhh!
So you want to be a Barbarian?
I live in a rough neighborhood.
Then run east past the Prisons to the Barbarian Trainer. Dedicate and train wisely. Class Training at every 3 levels is important. Join the ranks of the Crits with brute force.
Barbarians are fierce warriors that thrive on chaos and are able to carry great amounts of weight without becoming encumbered. Their distrust of Psionics makes them resistant to Psionic attack. However, it also makes it difficult to use psionically imbued items. They like to break things and go berzerk in combat. Barbarians need particular abilities to survive in the Kingdom. They must have sufficent strength to damage their opponents in combat, sufficent agility to hit accurately and to parry blows, and a strong constitution to withstand injuries from physical combat.
Barbs get the most Hit Points at 580.
Barbs get 4 extra attacks at level 20.
Barbs get extra HP when they zerk.
Barbs resist most attacks like Poison, Lightning, Psi attack.
Barbs are the easiest class to play in Drakkar.
Barbs can heal with both hands full when they use Autobalm.
Barbs can solo where other classes can't.
Barbs can break psionically imbued items for XP.
Barbs are asked more than any other class to go on hunts.
Barbs are immune to Stun Disciplines at higher levels.
Barbs kick more butt than other classes. hehe
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