The Armor 1
Animal Hide. Breaks for 250+ XP.
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Leather Armor. Not much protection.
Basilisk Scales. Protect from Fire/Ice 80/80. Kill Basilisk and tan. Trade for shield.
Black Dragon Scales. Protection from Fire/Ice 100/100. Acid Protection.
Cobrahn Black Dragon Scales. +2 Offense. Prot from AcidBreath. Breaks for 165k+ XP.
Bear Fur. Little protection.       Kill and tan Bear.
Bear Fur. 3/3 Offense/Defense. +1 Strength. Fire/Ice Protection.
Seldari Chainmail.
Rat Fur. Zero to very little protection.
Chainmail Armor. Little protection.
Duke Plate Armor.
Sea Hag Armor. +6 Defense. Fire/Ice Protection. Breaks for... j/k hehe
Thief Hag Plate. 5/5 Offense/Defense. Level 19 Succor ability.
Studded Leather Armor. Little or no protection.
Yeti Fur Armor. Kill and tan Yeti. Halves Fire/Ice/Psi damage. Favorite Barb gear. Breaks for 3200+ XP.
Winter Wolf Armor. Kill and tan WW. Used in Duke Quest. Breaks for 3k+ XP.
Scalemail. Ties. Breaks for 32K+ XP.
Sabretooth Tiger Armor. Protection from Ice 450. Called a "Kitty"
Griffon Feather Armor. Kill and tan Griffon. Protection from Fire/Ice 25/25.
Uther Plate. Kill Uther for it. Breaks for 4500+ XP.
Silver Dragon Armor. Lightning protection and Protection from Fire/Ice 100/100.
Ogre Lord Scales. Untied. Found on M -2. Breaks for 1K+ XP.
Naga Scale Armor. Kill and tan Naga. Protection from Fire/Ice 20/20.
Gold Dragon Armor. Ties. Found on N-7 NPC's. Breaks for 32K+ XP.
Protection from EarthCrush. Protection from Fire/Ice 70/70.
Red Dragon Armor. Protection from Fire/Ice 80/80. Kill and tan Red Dragon. Ties. Breaks for 32k+ XP.
Mama Red Dragon Scales. Ties. Protection from Fire/Ice 250/250. Acid Protection.
Full Plate Armor. Ties. Trade Leviathon egg for it with Malcom east of Frore.
Protection from Fire/Ice 100/100 Energyshield 5/5 Offense/Defense.
Lamellar. Little protection.
Sanquin Scales. Protection from Ice 20/small  40/large. Breaks for 600+ XP.
Leviathon Scales. 3/3 Offense/Defense. Fire/Ice Protection. Kill and tan Leviathon.
Snow Beast Fur.
Roc Feathers. +3 Offense. Fire/Ice Protection.
Gryphon Feathers. +3 Offense. Appraises for 1900 GP. Breaks
for 2k+ XP.
Bruce Feather Armor. Kill and tan Bruce. Protection from Fire/Ice 250/250.
Plate Armor.
Dog armor.
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