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These Colors Don't Run! As you know, America was attacked. My heart goes out to the victims. While I am an American, I am also a World Citizen just like you. As the saying goes, "Why can't we all just get along?" This world is the only one we have, so be good to each other, for all our sakes.
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Howdy All!

The BORED Free EP Pot Day event was held on a Sunday with 219 EP pots handed out in a Hide n Seek type game. What fun that was!
However, because of a mixup in communication, one of the BORED that was supposed to help, unfortuantely didn't arrive to help... so..
a second Free EP Pot Day was held the following Sunday with another 125 EP pots handed out and a ton more fun that was with 2 Crits handing them out alternately using a Pumpkin as a signal to find the other one! LOL!! :)
Because of how much fun it was, the BORED will be having that type of event more often. Gonna try for every month if we can.

Another section of the BORED site was opened up and already there are a ton of new pages! Mostly Nameless stuff in 8-bit graphics no less!
Wish I had Info to go with it :(
New maps of Koss and NW Caves added too.

If you see any maps missing that should be posted, PM me or email me :)