126742540  Anyone can add me.
Dont have ICQ? Get it! It might save your life or your DP.
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Rules for ICQ protocol when talking to me:

1) Be nice. If you are nice to me, I will be nice to you. Its that simple.

2) No insults. I don't care if you are upset with someone else. Use the proper authorities to help you. ICQ and email links are on the links page. There is nothing I can do if someone wrongs you except retrieve your gear if possible. I am not a gun for hire. So don't insult me or others. Please.

3) I can send or recieve files if you want. All the maps that I have are on the site. If  you want to send a pic to me, I will appreciate it. I collect all types of pics.

4) Don't use the ICQ to ask me for money. You will be refused. I am way behind paying my trainer. I have my own uses for the coin I gather. However, I have been known to make exceptions in exceptional cases if I feel like it.

5) Chain letters. Don't send them to me. A lot of ICQ hoax letters are circulating. I get them all the time and I just close them out without looking at them. So don't waste my time or yours doing it. You aren't helping anyone except for the joker who started it.

6) If you are reading this, then you must play the game too. (if not, you are lost..) I sometimes can't answer right away, so be patient. I might be doing a lair. I respond to ALL messages sent to me, nobody is unimportant to me. I don't mind carrying on a conversation, just don't expect it to be a speedy one. I got a lot of things going at once.

7) If you are not nice, you will be deleted and put on the ignore list. Its that simple. I dislike rude people. I don't do rude.  :o)

8) Everyone is added and given the same chance. No exceptions.

9) Your typing style doesn't matter to me as long as you get your message or point across.

10) Be yourself! I don't like dishonest people. I believe in the Old Code. Thats why I am a Barbarian.

11) Feel free to volunteer info if you want, I listen. Share your knowledge with me and others. If you have questions, ask. Nothing questioned, nothing learned.

12) Make suggestions for webpages. I could always use a good idea.

                                  Sorry for the lecture.      Seville__BORED
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Some creep hijacked my old ICQ. If you get a message from Seville at ICQ# 46526050, its not me! But do me a favor? If you still have that # on your list, please contact the hacker and tell him how much you displeased with him.