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The ASH Guild
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12-14-00: I  know i have been lagging behind, sorry. Was busy in game. I also decided to redo the Hunts notes, of which i did finish. If youd like a copy of v1.1 email/icq me and ask for one. I am going to update the hunts pages asap. Also i am working on updating the ASH roster info, if you have a tagged crit and hes not on there icq or email me plz. Once again sorry for delays.

11-10-00: I  finished the Hunts Notes and i will start adding them to my site. If you have troubles opening the hunts pages tell me and i will send you a copy of v1.0. If you want me to add your site to the links page E-Mail me.

10-15-00: I  finished the maps pages and now im going to start finishing the Hunts and Quests pages should be done within the next week or so.  I also added a links page, if you want me to add your site E-Mail me.