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Drakkar Comedy

Post by IronClad » Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:48 pm

I'm going to stretch one of the Tavern rules cause frankly I can and this is humorous.

Bejam/Bjimfield/Darius, all one person trashing WOLF because he claims someone in guild took his lair or something, rants in lobby, calling us names.

Well those who know me will see the picture below where this same person, about 8 years ago, accuses me of looting in Cob sewers because I was in the center, he snuck in and killed to the east and I went in that direction briefly when I heard splats, saw him and moved back. He then uses his macro to click my name and announced a canned macro to accuse others of looting. You go to those extremes, you must see shadows in every corner.

I would take anything he says with a grain of salt. After he trashed my guild, I decided to post this as well as the screenshot so that all can see what extremes he will go to. He says he always calls out people in lobby like he's some hotshot? Well I may be pasting this in dz when he cranks up and call him out too.

Maybe he can PM me in dz or irc with a little more restraint rather than try to trash a guild for some slight he believes he was shown. Not every guildee is perfect but no one should disrespect an entire guild or assume that I would allow WOLF to behave badly. Got a beef? See me. Trash the guild when it's the entire guild doing something to you.
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